‘Siruvar Malar’, a weekly Tamil comics magazine, serializing my work.

UPDATE: The comic is no longer being published in ‘Siruvar Malar’.

Most Tamils would be familiar with ‘Siruvar Malar’, the weekly children’s supplement magazine from the major Tamil newspaper ‘Dina Malar’. Quite popular with children during the 1980s, by the 2000s it had become a bit outdated. Recently, the newspaper decided to revive ‘Siruvar Malar’ as a complete b&w comics magazine supplement. To my mind, this is one of the first contemporary efforts at a ‘weekly’ comics magazine. Today, 4th Feb. 2011, the first issue was released. The business model is the same as Japanese manga– run serialized stories, pay authors a per page rate, print it cheaply, on low grade paper in only black & white. Currently, the magazine runs 3 narratives, each 10 pages, making it a 30 pager.

My ongoing book-length comic travelogue, ‘The Vanished Path’ is being serialized in it. I am thrilled and happy to be part of it. I think of it as a milestone in Indian comics, and I hope more Indian newspapers pick up this model of comics publishing. The other 2 narratives are by Parismitha Singh and the team of writer Nikesh Murali and artist Vinay Brahmania.

I wish the very best for ‘Siruvar Malar’, and hope it grows bigger and bigger. DOWNLOAD SIRUVAR MALAR HERE.


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