1. Arkadeep said:

    Your ways of viewing things amazes me. how can you de-glamorize things to this extent that are soooo glamorized by ‘people’?

    • never thought I was deglamourising something…

      • Arkadeep said:

        what I meant to say is – an octopus is a simple creature and we all know very well that it can ‘never ever’ have any special power of any kind for making a ‘prediction’. people over-glamorized it. and here is your way to see it as it actually is and not the way popular culture sees it. hence, ‘de-glamorizing’: to remove the (unnecessary) glamor off something.

        The last thing that can have any significant impact on what happens in a football ground is ‘the preference of food of a random octopus’. here Paul is evaluating things as they are and we are getting his understanding of things via your work with your unique style. that is so awesome!!!

        I kind of like things that make us see the reality behind ‘over-glamorized’ things in a way that is subtly sarcastic.

  2. that was quite an elaborate explanation! 🙂 Thanks for enjoying the work.

  3. valley said:

    same kind of subtle irony as in your earlier “buddha-religion/hindo god” piece!

  4. valley said:

    like the transcendentalists said, the symbolic order of civilization seperated us from the natural order.

    • sorry, I didn’t get that. Is there a natural order?

  5. valley said:

    the symbolic order of civilization as ordered my mankind has seperated humans over centuries from the natural order of the world/universe. recurring themes dealt by the transcendentalists (esp thoreau, emerson) also appears in contemporary works — paul auster’s novels, urban dystopia, need for going back to the primordial/natural etc. It just struck me after reading the earlier comment on de-glamorising etc.

  6. valley said:

    just another way of looking at the work!

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