1. valley said:

    Great work! Some ink washes in colour would make it more vibrant. Nice to see a variery of sketching styles, from the plain line work to the more detailed ones of the Swiss school teacher and Goethe.

    • Thanks for reading, and for the suggestion.

  2. valley said:

    This series is similar in form (sketches, pictures, comic style drawing, speech blurbs etc.) to the ‘For Beginners’ series, tho’ sometimes in those the drawings don’t necessarily correspond with the text. This is more focused on image/art I guess.

    • Ah yes! the ‘For BEginners’ series. I’ve read a few of them, but I particularly like ‘Kafka for Beginners’ that was drawn by Robert Crumb. I think that book is better than a lot of the academic Kafka criticism.

  3. valley said:

    Haven’t seen the one of Kafka. Derrida and Marquez, tho’ in the former, there were several instances where the supposed pictorial irony/satire had nothing what-so-ever with the text in the blurbs. Wonder why people would want to read a ‘for beginners’ on an academic tho’!

    On second thought a series like that would make great reading on topics like cultures of far off lands and cuisines…would lend itself to some better art too!:)

  4. valley said:

    You should attempt a gothic story/novel in this series using this style someday, or perhaps try and turn a classic like ‘Gullivers Travels’ or Dickens’s ‘Oliver Twist’…that’s one of the greatest feats of the writers of that era…the stories are so pictorially rich!

  5. hmm… a gothic story… perhaps something set in 19th century India, in the 1860s maybe…

  6. valley said:

    A gothic story set anywhere, sort of like a tribute to the gothic era, or any classical era for that matter…plain disillusionment with modernity!

  7. I like the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great articles .

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