1. Vishwas Narendra said:

    Fantastic! Every single one of them!

    • actionist said:

      hey thanks vishwas, for the encouragement!

  2. Hi there. Read this backwards, like a little time machine. You were probably one of the last generation to grow up with Doordarshan and Tobu cycles. Definitely a long strange trip! Love it!

  3. PS how do you get this ‘comment is awaiting moderation’ thing? Is it a feature of WP2.7, or is there a plugin? I am running 2.6.1. I suppose you get automatic updates since you’re on and not .org? Also, is ubuntu a good distro of linux for a dual boot machine? I am planning to format my old 40GB system disk and install linux on it, as insurance against the inevitable windows crashes. I’ve used KDE which I quite liked.

    • actionist said:

      i think the latest wordpress has the moderation thing. I use Drupal on my website, so i don’t know. ubuntu is really user friendly for dual boot. i started using linux on a dual boot, until i finally got the courage to boot windows out of the window 🙂 . a warning against the latest kde version 4. it is not yet stable. so better to use Ubuntu, (and not Kubuntu ie. with KDE) which uses Gnome as the default desktop environment, which is very user friendly, and also very very stable. Gnome and KDE are the two most popular desktop managers out there for linux.

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